Monday, May 23, 2016

Time To Be Selfish, Say "NO" to Distractions!

"There are seven days in a week, SOMEDAY isn't one of them"

It's time to focus and identify our distractions.
First let's identify who you are:

"The Entrepreneur" You wear many hats. You have several tasks that demand your immediate attention but you decide to check your email instead; message someone about nothing related to the task at hand; or pick up the phone to chat "real quick"because it's your mother, best friend, sister or brother calling or even clicked on one of your social media notifications at the top of your phone to see "so and so's"response? How many times have you made promises you didn't keep, to a client who's business can't function without your expertise? They've waited for an email/call from you that was requested a week ago and now they are frustrated and your only reply is, "I'm sorry, I got distracted and time escaped me".
Basically, you forgot about them! Well, that's what it looks like to them.

"The Part-time Entrepreneur" Same as above, but now your time is cut in half and you are having a hard time trying to stay on top of things.

"The Mompreneur" You are trying to run a business to keep your clients happy, be fit, do laundry, stay on task with managing your home, your kids (if you have little ones) and  if there is a significant other; scheduling quality time.  Talk about prioritization.

When we are honest with who we are, can identify our distractions and the goals we are trying to accomplish, we prioritize better

My response to distractions are, "Schedule It"! 
Become "ONE" with your calendar. 
Create calendar blocks throughout your day

Here's what I mean:
  • Emails - schedule a time to read and respond to your emails. (Be proactive by responding to your emails each day. You will look like you are on top of things)
  • Calls- Schedule time to make calls, your 1:1's, or meetings. and if not work related, send them to voicemail and schedule a time to respond to their calls (after work or via text, with "everything okay"* bonus; know how many hours you want to spend in meetings per week, and allow them to be movable, but never deleted.
  • Tasks- I am sure this sounds funny or even a "no-brainer"but schedule your tasks until you meet your deadline, this includes sending your updates to your project manager. 
    • Mompreneurs; add laundry, homework, dinner, time with kids, and significant others to your list.We all have that time of day where we are at our best. Schedule those difficult tasks during those hours and don't deviate from it. (This is what I do)
MY BONUS** Notifications - Turn off your cellphone and email notifications, if they are always open you will be tempted to see what "Jesse" had to say about your response. 
Remember: Time taken away from your clients or your business is a huge distraction towards your 
million dollar goals.

We all deserve to live a balanced "work/ life", lifestyle. These are a few tools I use to minimize my client's distractions. The first step is to identify. Then, put systems in place that will maximize their time.  Not only do my clients provide top-notch customer service, and manage their time better. With my support, they learn to prioritize and complete their tasks.  If we as entrepreneurs can't manage our distractions or stay on task, how can we become successful?
 Learn to say "NO" to your distractions and now that you can identify them, make them apart of  your schedule.  
Visit our website at or contact us directly at with your questions. I hoped assisted your business journey. Please share with those in your circle, maybe this will be helpful to them. Virtually yours-Thank you for taking time to connect with CYNASSISTS. I hope you scheduled it!

Friday, November 20, 2015

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

"Attract what you expect, Reflect what you desire, Become what you respect, Mirror what you admire"

The mirror has become my best friend. I reflect every morning and set my intentions, with the belief that they will align itself with my purpose. I have changed my world with the words I've chosen to speak while looking at myself, in conversation with others about my life and business. I have become the artist of my destiny who creates a new masterpiece, in every moment, with each word I profess into the wind. My legacy has great meaning. I had to journey to get here, but I have arrived!

I use to admire others in their journey, I still do; but I admire myself more. 

I kept a storage of limiting beliefs in my mind. I use to be the "I can't; I wish'd" type of women who lacked real vision for myself until I did some real mental housecleaning. I looked great on the outside, hell, I helped everyone on their journey and gave light to their life, but I didn't do it for mine. I was secondary, when I should have been primary. When I looked in the mirror, I called myself every name in the book, except beautiful, amazing, intelligent, and purposeful.  

Yes, the cleansing part was painful, but it needed to be done. Everything that everyone spoke into my journey, I believed them and made agreements without really knowing what I was doing. I searched for myself, my inner child and I found me by forgiving myself for making agreements with what people spoke into my life, I forgave them, and my past.

If the thoughts I inherited along the way didn't serve me, I let it go. Louise Hay's book: You can heal your life, taught me that. My mirror became my everything.
I stop being an enabler. I put a halt at stopping for everyone and being their "superwoman" in THEIR journey and started rescuing myself. I didn't stop loving them, but I wanted to become the woman I respected and loved and not feel bad about it.

No, became my new YES and I was okay with the backlash I received. I stopped agreeing with them and chose me. The 4 agreements: by don Miguel Ruiz saved my life. I stopped taking things personally, stopped making agreements, stopped speaking against myself  and always gave the very best version of myself in every moment. I love this about me, and I am not sorry.

The best part was, God kept stopping for me, through other people who I give thanks for, daily.
It was written; "to thine own self be true", I had to start honoring myself.

I began attracting every desire my heart cried out for and more. I had to love myself before I could attract financial abundance, love and blessings. Yes, we say we love ourselves, but what are we really telling ourselves when we are alone, in the mirror? Every negative thought gets magnified to the 10th power once it leaves your lips and or mind. Be mindful of that.

I had to strive to be rich on the inside before I could be rich on the outside. We all journey differently and when we become conscious and or become clear of our path, we are held responsible for our legacy.

Instead of complaining, try saying thank you in its place. Magnify that! When you get in front of the mirror, speak great things or imagine greatness in your life, you will become it. Your life will start to pivot and shift in ways you'd never imagine. You're reflection will be amazing. You will admire yourself and respect the person you are becoming without the baggage of limiting beliefs. You deserve it. - Thanks for pausing for me and for yourself!

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Walking into my purpose with Cynassists!

“Success is liking yourself, liking what you do and liking how you do it”- Maya Angelou

There’s nothing like walking into your purpose to assist others, as they ascend in their success. Yes, I will ascend, but the service I provide is gratifying to my soul. For me, it’s about sharing the very best version of my self and assisting others along their journey; be it personally or professionally.
When their soul smiles or they can catch their breath because I was there to assist, I know I am in alignment with what the Most High has for me. At least, that’s how I look at it.
It’s about the legacy I am leaving for my children. Am I assisting and teaching them to be the very best version of themselves, if I don’t walk out of my fear?Then the answer is NO.
Leaving Corporate America was a great fear of mine, because it looked great on paper and in my bank account, but because I left to walk into my purpose, I’ve made a pivot in my life that keeps me from looking back. It too, looks great on paper and in my bank account, but it’s with purpose.
I am FREE. I get to choose my clients and pour into their success as if it were mine. If their business aligns with the things that ignite my legacy (healthy living, books, fashion, spiritual well-being, and community), I am all in and will give 110% of me. 
What to expect from my blogs?
I am a real person who strives to give back majority of the time. Look for Cynassists in the community; trying to uplift, encourage and give back to those in need. Taking our village back, one moment at a time and making sure everyone is involved.
I am mompreneur who knows how to multitask, but falls short, sometimes. You’ll find that I will ramble a lot about overcoming fears, building our children, reflection, healthy living, fueling my spirit and making NO agreements to what others have for my journey, besides, that’s why it’s MY (our) journey. I believe, if I have mastered the lesson, I need to be selfless and share.
Let me apologies in advance (not really) but I will majority of the time give my amazing husband praises. He allows me to step up and open every door without feeling guilty. He keeps me flying.-Thanks Honey
With that being said; I want to be transparent with my clients since I am assisting their passion in life, virtually.This is my way of being personable with them. Their success will become mine! Maximizing their time is my purpose!-Thank you for pausing for me.